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Do you hear the word Crochet and think of your Grandmother? Think again! Did you know that this almost lost art is even enjoyed by the opposite sex and that Real Men knit and crochet! Gender stereotypes should not hinder people from pursuing activities that they enjoy. When people find out who crochets and knits, it makes them question their assumptions. And as It turns out, there are a lot of men yarn crafting out there! Actor Russell Crowe knits, Randy Grossman (tight end for Pittsburgh Steelers) and Rosey Grier, minister and former professional football player, musician Ringo Star, actors David Arquette, Ryan Reynolds and Scott Baio all knit, crochet and do needlepoint. Rosey Grier wrote a book on needlepoint for men. In Peru, boys knit their own hats. And check out 2 patterns done using the Crocodile Stitch in crochet:



























Wouldn't you love to learn how to make these lovely items? For yourself, family, friends or for a good cause, crochet is a skill that you can use to not only create beautiful pieces, it has also been shown to relieve stress, reduce depression, improve mathematic skills, build self-esteem and possibly stave off dementia by as much as 50%! The Square Project offers Crocheting Classes for free, currently in the south Florida locale only. This is a great program to add to your school, church, hospital or other social group seeking creative curriculum. Please use the CONTACT form to send us your request! 


Why Crochet?

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