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Fierce Transformations


I'll never forget the first time I met Peggy-Sam Snead's bathroom-where she approached me and said I looked fabulous and was curious what I was doing. I told her "You don't want to know!" She said she did, so I gave her a card that just had my name and number and was surprised when she actually did call a few weeks later. Peggy said she wanted to lose about 80 lbs., had never stepped foot in a gym before and desperately needed help. She was going through a very difficult time in her life. I felt so sorry for her and truly wanted to help. I told her I would train her (back in the old days before my shiny new gym, out of my house and on the cheap!) utilizing the SuperSlow method. I was still fairly new to it myself but knowing what it did for me, I wanted to see if I could get the same results with someone else (and no offense Peggy, someone older and heavier). The fact that she had never been in a gym was even better because it was a perfect example of what a properly conducted weight training program can do for women, women who are older and women who are obese-even if she has never used weights in her life. Check out Peggy's  AFTER (after only 6 months of training twice a week with the SuperSlow method) photos:























































What an incredible change! Peggy had some of the most beautiful muscle potential of a new-trainee that I have ever seen, even to this day! I also remember running into her out and about, sometimes in restaurants, so I know she did not suffer through a bland, boring diet while she was training with me! I know she did make changes and the ones that helped her the most: Being consistent, training hard and staying the course. I also think Peggy's sense of humor and ability to be resilient helped. This woman was facing many challenges but she conquered! What an amazing example - thank you, Peggy!









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