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How To Do Proper Before/After Photos

One of the best ways to track progress with your Transformation program is to take Before and After photos. As much as you may hate the thought of having your picture taken (and this is usually in direct proportion to how far we think we have to go!), the changes you'll see can motivate you to stay with your goals.  Also, 'Before' photos can be a huge wake-up call!


  • Take your measurements at the same time as the photo shoot. Measurement thighs and hips at the widest spot, and waist directly over the navel. Measure calf and arms at the widest spot as well and chest directly over the nipple. Never pull the tape tight-just snug it and always measure in the same place.

  • Pick a blank background for your photo shoot, and measure the distance from that background to where you will stand. If possible, use a tripod for the camera and measure the distance from the tripod to where you'll stand. Measure the distance between your feet (ex: 12" apart) and use that for every shoot. Now you have a point of reference that will be the same for all your photos.

  • Men should wear shorts only; women should wear a sports bra/lycra shorts or a bikini. You want to see as much as possible.

  • Take the photo in portrait mode, not landscape. Photos should show entire body-close enough to see details without a lot of background.

  • Get someone to take the shots or use a timer and a tripod, if you have one.  

  • Look straight ahead and stand straight.  Don’t suck in your gut.


Take at least a front, side and rear shot. Side shots can be tricky as your feet should be together with ankles touching, toes pointing straight ahead and knees aligned or you may see part of one leg sticking out-sort of like a shadow of the one that should be visible-you only want to see one profile in this shot.

Front View: Stand up straight with your feet at the pre-determined width apart (remember to measure this distance for future reference).  Arms are at your side but away from your hips a bit so you can see the shape and width of your hips.

Side View:  Stand up straight. Clasp hands together and place on top head. This can be a bit tricky as you want to see only one arm profile so try to keep arms aligned as they point out from your sides.  

Back View: Same as front view, but with your back to the camera. 


Upload the photos to your computer and place them in a folder marked with the date.

How often you take 'After' photos is up to you though I recommend once a month. Take the pictures in the same spot, under the same circumstances and wearing the same clothes.

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