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This would be a gorgeous pattern for a scarf made from crochet thread and to be used as an accessory, not necessarily as a staying-warm scarf. Change the material for different use. Make this long enough to be tied in any creative way (at least 64" X 20" to look good when tied as shown in the demonstration video, from This pattern was found on:


This is a Portuguese web site, I think, and you will need to look in the  2016/03/cachecol-de-croche Archive section for this pattern, though there are many others as well. I think I would use a different trim on this pattern - love the Pineapple Lace but with the addition of a more delicate and vintage-inspired edging, like that pictured below. Remember - instructions for how to read a crochet graph pattern can be found on The Square Project Gallery page.

My version of the scarf pattern above-I went with a straight edge and crocheted beads into it. It measures 84" long as I want to be able to use it in as many of the styles from Wendy's video below as possible.

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