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What to Eat When You Really Can't

Because I work 11 hour days, 10 days or more in a row with no lunch or other kind of break during my shift, and the fact that I am constantly interacting with the public, it means 7-course meals are definitely NOT going to happen. Not that I would want that many courses but at least one would be nice...It feels more like I have only 7-second courses throughout the day, with Dang That's Green Smoothie filling in the rest! Seriously,

I don't even have the luxury to sit down and eat - I literally eat while I'm walking, talking, working. Doesn't leave a lot of room for creativeness. I do pretty well on this however, and having green smoothie always nearby is a lifesaver. Vitamix travels with me and that there is some mighty precious cargo! This may not sound appealing (doesn't to me either by the end of a show...) but it works and keeps me feeling good, energized and healthy, strong for my workouts and I'm able to eat without too much interruption to work.

56 oz Dang That's Green Smoothie, divided into 4 servings throughout the day (375 calories)

1 Think Thin bar with 1/4 cup walnuts mixed with 1 tsp. Organic Virgin Coconut Oil (400 calories)

1 Sweet Earth Protein Lover's Burrito (220 calories)

1 Noosa yogurt (140 calorie pony size)

1 Sweet Earth Burrito Get Focused (260 calories)

1 Think Thin bar (250)

Minimum 48 oz water (not enough but also very hard to get to the bathroom)

Total: 1650 calories

Protein: 105 Grams

Carbohydrate: 200 Grams

Fat: 40 Grams

Fiber: 28 Grams

This stays pretty much the same for every day of my show as I can eat this without much mess, much disruption and no preparation other than keeping a few things hot. I use a thermos for soup or other hot food and for my burritos, I use my light transformer as a hot plate! Long days at work don't leave time for much of anything else and food has to be ready to go quickly and do the job of providing good fuel. I usually make a soup to bring along but this only lasts a few days and I use that for extra calories on weight-training days (my faves are the Black Bean or Broccoli Cheddar Soup found in the Diet/Recipes Gallery). While this may seem boring, doing tradeshows for a living presents special circumstances and when you're focused on reaching goals, it's important to have a plan of action.

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