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See Spot Run...

I wish it would run! The spot I'm talking about is the area of the inner thigh that is relentless in its ability to go round after round with me and somehow always manage to outlast me. So very frustrating! On a daily basis, I am asked "How do you get your abs/shoulders/biceps ripped to shreds?" Getting ripped to shreds has a LOT to do with diet and PATIENCE. And finally, there is NO SUCH THING AS SPOT REDUCING. My inner thighs are the perfect example! I work them very hard and over the last 6 weeks, I have lost only 1/2" off each thigh! In all fairness, I did lose a whole ring size so my fingers are looking good. I think I should dress them in little mini skirts with high heels and strut on past Thing over at the Adam's Family house.

The battle one must wage in losing the last few patches of stubborn fat is truly of epic proportions! I've been slaying it at the gym, been oh-so-good with my daily diet for 4 months and as sweet reward, my body blesses me with thinner fingers. Yeah baby!

My thighs are so damn strong and I totally love them for what they can do but they have fat cells like warriors fiercely protecting the last bastions of Fatdom with my thighs acting as their Trojan Horse. They're going to hide in there until I'm not looking and then they're going to run them right over to the bakery for some donuts. Just kidding! But those little bastards are pissing me off, always on the ready, waiting for me to slip so they can build their forces up. Well, I'm not gonna!!! I could get rid of them faster. I suppose I could further reduce my caloric intake and increase my exercise level. That sounds too much to me like pain. I know that by keeping on, I'm the one who wins and those warriors will be broke, unemployed and living in Greenland!

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