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To Boldly Go (cell phone-less) Where No Man (or woman) Would

As I watched this video, I couldn't help but notice what was happening in the background. Take a look and see if you can spot it before you read any farther. Initially, I laughed at the fact that the cell phone has truly become like a necessary appendage and we are unable to go anywhere without it. I grew up with rotary phones and wonder at how the phone has taken such an important place in our lives that we must have the phone right there in our hand at all times! Now that I gave you a huge hint, did you see the girl using the ab machine while texting?! How can that be good for your workout? I am definitely opinionated when it comes to exercise and while it is true that there are many roads to fitness, I think that there are some guidelines that should be part of any approach:

  • Safe

  • Effective

  • Meaningful

These should be obvious but if you are texting while you exercise, they all just went out the window! We may think we are great at multi-tasking but time and time again, it has been shown that we cannot give 100% focus to more than one thing at a time. But multi-task through your workout?!!! I am appalled! Maybe it's just me but if you are going to the gym, isn't that a time you definitely need both hands available and complete focus? Only if you are serious about reaching goals. If the gym is just about burning a few extra calories to you, it is probably time to re-think your expectations for your exercise program. If you only have a limited amount of time for exercise, why would you want to compromise the results by texting?

Gym time to me is like taking an Art class in sculpture. Texting is like a Paint-By-Numbers project where you just follow a path without having to think about it. So - do you want to be a velvet Elvis or a Venus de Milo (this one would definitely solve the texting issue...'Look ma, no hands!')? I choose Venus (with arms) and what awesome, sexy, buffed arms they are going to be! Good enough reason for me to leave the phone anywhere other than in my gym bag.

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