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There's a sucker Born Every Second

Oh, this is so in your face! I wish I were referring to some super cool, super effective new fat elimination sucker thingy, but alas, this is not the case...I'm talking about the marketing mantra of the millennium, the one that probably has even your balls firmly in its grasp. Of course I speak figuratively ladies, and I don't know about you, but I don't let anyone touch my balls without very special permission. Feel the same way about yours? See if you have accepted these views/opinions/attitudes about fat:

1. Fat IS gross and disgusting. Remember, there was a time in history, and not that long ago, when fat-bottomed girls truly did make the rockin' world go round. And then, frickin' Twiggy...what a gynormous 180 degree that was! Skinny chicks were considered poor and sickly and now they pay the really pretty ones millions to make the rest of us feel ever so below par. Which leads to point number two.

2. If you have excess body fat, you have a perfectly legitimate reason to HATE yourself! But don't worry, you have a host of 'friends' who have your best interests in mind, ready to help you: Maybelline, L'Oreal, Oil of Olay, and of course, the doctor's offices of Titenem, Botoxum and Billem. Because there is no way we could be beautiful just exactly as God intended! We need to have the latest glam make-up to bring it out!

3. You will be a social failure as long as you are fat.

4. You are so completely under the evil curse of marketing brainwashing that you believe appearance is your most prized personal characteristic. Sort of explains why women focus on their hip and waist measurements and why some feel it is important enough to become headline news. Not our own weight but think of the trashy headlines designed to sell magazines: 'You won't believe whose bum this belongs to!' with accompanying photos of some poor celebrity caught being real in public. Do you secretly compare yours and feel better or worse? Either of those responses indicates you've been brainwashed too as now there is a big judgment call.

5. Due to this obsession with body fat, we feel it is acceptable to go on crazy diets, use diet pills, diuretics, laxatives, starve and try any crazy new diet that comes along. Ever go in a bookstore and wander through the diet section? How would one possibly know where to start? And unfortunately, most of it is fodder. But I tried this diet once that guaranteed I would lose 1 1/2 lbs. a day (that's a marketing AK47, shooting you full of pure crapola) if I ate 3 pickles of exactly 3 ozs each before breakfast every third day, except during a full moon because that would affect the inner carnivore that naturally wants to come out during this time and so a bloody protein must be consumed then. Seriously? Point being, that's about how ridiculous most diet books are. No wonder the General Public is so confused about what constitutes a healthy diet. And right along with that - what are healthy portion sizes?

The multi-billion dollar food and weight-loss industries pull in one direction (advertising foods that are in ITS best interests for us to eat along with all its dirty little tricks to make us eat more of it) while the other pulls to the seemingly ever elusive fit physique we could have (if we just use Green Coffee Tabs, SlimQuik, NutriSystem, etc.). Marketing thinks I'm a sucker and I say keep your hands off my balls though I know it's really my ego they're targeting. Fortunately for me, my ego has been weight training for years also!

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