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To Thine Own Self Be True

As I was reflecting on 'What is the hardest part of doing a physical transformation?', I was reminded that what may seem hard in the beginning can definitely change with time. I thought 'hard' would be ending a love affair with sweets, particularly decadent desserts. That has actually been a minor thing, though passing bakeries when they have the ovens fired up, venting those odiferous temptations intended to lure - well, that should be a criminal act! It's sheer torture! For that moment when you're caught in doughnut aromatherapy, you'd swear by the intensity of the (oh so) tantalizing scent that it is all- encompassing enough to pack some lbs right back on. I know bakers use devious tricks to make the scent stick to your clothes, your hair, your skin, staying with you all day, following you around like a little lost puppy and who can resist a little lost puppy! Only now you are that little lost puppy and the only thing that can take the agony out of that is - chocolate chip cookies! No, wait - sniff sniff - I think it's actually cinnamon buns...

Easy to joke about this now! The hardest part for me has been staying focused on such a lack of sleep. I become a cranky biotch and any poor soul that comes along enters my Danger Zone! Keeping my diet as clean as possible helps me forge onward and power through but when it stops helping? The only thing left to do is GIVE IN! So tonight, instead of going to the gym, I'm going to get a good workout in with my pillows!

I've taken my time to reach the level of success I'm enjoying, averaging a 1.316 lb loss per week, and I am going the distance. As much as I want to be perfect for my After photos, this was never about the photos - they just provide documentation of the transformation journey, a journey with the goal of championship self-hood! What has helped the most in sticking with this plan and feeling fine with the pace? Being true to myself, honoring my own truth and not comparing myself to anyone else. I see a lot of people fall into this trap, particularly in the gym. I watch the eyes of those around me as they check out those around them exercising and I can almost read their thoughts: "I wonder if that exercise would help me get thinner thighs?" or "Oh, that looks like a good exercise to do! I mean, look at how great her butt looks and she's doing it! Probably mine will never look that good though..." and so on. Theodore Roosevelt said 'Comparison is the thief of joy' and if you find that you tend to measure yourself against others on a regular basis, remember above all: you are comparing yourself to the HERD. I don't want to be in the flock-I want to be the leader! When I put it in this perspective, it was easy to let go of comparison.

In my entire life, I've never stuck with a clean diet for such an extended time. I am certain that my staying with it (today is number 146...) has been the impetus for my shift in thinking from things I thought would be hard to what actually is hard: just the reality of what it takes to stick to it! The thinking of it is hard, though the actual doing has been working out pretty well! Does this make sense? Most people set out with lofty goals and within less than 30 days, 75% will already have abandoned it. And it's usually just due to not have an adequate plan. Once you have a plan, you need to break it into steps that utilize a system for how to accomplish each step. Then, just follow the steps down the road, never losing sight of the goal. There may be speed bumps and hazards along the way and this is just life. When you feel as though the road is too difficult, remember that if achieving greatness were simple, everyone would already be there and that in this life, we are not born winners and we are not born losers. We are born CHOOSERS. I choose to go down the road less traveled at top speed over fresh macadam with my (figurative) balls on fire!

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