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Ooh La La!

Wowsa! Well, what do you think of physical transformation now?! Okay, let me first say that this is NOT a preview of my After photo (duh! But if you thought for a moment that maybe it was - thanks for believing in me!). It is a photo of Rachel McLish, whose legs (well, her whole body, actually) inspired me to venture into the weight room. Of course, I found out that it takes a LOT more than pushing a few pieces of iron around to get into that kind of shape. It's also this knowledge that causes me to have that "Oh, honey - if only it were that easy" internal dialogue when I hear a woman say "I don't want to weight train because I don't want to get bulky." This doesn't even happen for a lot of men! Unless you have exceptional genetics, this usually requires the use of steroids and the willingness to tempt fate with illegal sports performance enhancers, all in the name of getting bulky. And hopefully, making money in a corrupt arena.

There have been truly amazing advances in science and technology in just the last 5 years but are we any closer to eliminating obesity? Of course not - never will be! Why? Because science will never be able to tell the brain that chocolate doesn't taste good! When I hear a woman express concern over becoming muscular - especially if she is out of shape and needs to drop body fat - I know that she is:

1. Physiologically unaware of how the body works to shed fat - and keep it off

2. A victim of Muscle Myths

3. Already creating excuses!

When I saw Ms. McLishs' photo, I thought 'I'll do whatever it takes to get legs like that!' It may not be the look you like, but if your legs did look like that, would you dislike it? Can't you just see them in a mini skirt with the cutest ankle boots? I can't imagine what they wouldn't look good in! Seriously, there is no place for excuses of any kind if you want results. There would be a lot more people walking around in killer good shape if it were an easy thing. Truth is - it is only as hard as you make it in your mind.

I'll explore some Muscle Myths next time. I'm going to go pamper my hard-earned little darlin's right now and indulge in an argan oil massage; treat 'em like a lover right now only to take them to the gym for a dose of kick-ass in the morning!

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