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The Beauty IS A Beast

I thought I understood guys and that only women confuse me with their covert pecking-orders and constantly altering relationships. But now, having had 2 stalker incidents in the past week, I'm wondering if men understand women. Let me re-phrase: Not every woman is an easy target and I'm issuing a big BEWARE. Ever had (or heard stories of) a pet dog that turned and attacked? Well, welcome to PitBullTown - Population: ME! I'm already feeling a bit Linda Hamilton (think The Terminator) but give me another month and I'll be in full-blown Xena: Warrior Princess form!

Perhaps men are confused about women. This could be due to the significance of historical statistics of women as victims, though may I suggest that there may be a group of women you don't want to mess with (those born in the 1960's in particular!). Why? We grew up with changing societal messages, the Free-Boob Revolution and the advent of Home Economics as an elective! Looking back, I think I was a rebel because I embraced this new direction (certainly not because of all the ass-whooping I dished out!) and while 80% of women were still choosing motherhood as a career, I was doing target practice on the shooting range. Amidst my other gender-bending activities came an infatuation with weight training, something I have pursued with fierce determination for 40 years now. While I may not have always looked like it, I wonder if a Venus Fly Trap looks anything other than innocent to an unsuspecting fly! Would it be helpful if I sported some tats, a shaved head and a T-shirt proclaiming 'Venus Man Trap?'

Even though women continue to climb up the ladder in this so-called man's world, we have miles to go before we aren't seen as easy targets. To the outsider, the lines may be blurred. Example: Woman shopper creates a scene over jewelry and the pricing. Upon her departure, a group of Canadian women that had witnessed her tirade comment "You Americans are so aggressive! Why, in Canada, if someone hits us and we get hurt, we apologize!" And my ensuing thoughts: 'Hmmmm, all Canadians act on the same spineless moral code of Bend Over And Take It For The Team, eh?' and then 'If terrorists were to fly several airplanes into stuff you built in your country, killing thousands of innocent people, INTENTIONALLY, you might become a bit aggressive yourself' so yes, our collective guard is up, and finally 'If it bothers you, why are you here?' What seems aggressive to an outsider are really just basic survival skills on the home-front. We've had to build an emotional Wall of China around our feelings and actions, having witnessed the nadir of human behavior.

As an insider, I don't think we're aggressive enough - in the right situations. Over a piece of jewelry (Down girls - I know that there are some of you that feel that statement is sacrilegious!)? Wrong situation. Over a stalker? Right situation. Thinking that Free-Boob gen women would be raising strong daughters, the kind songs like 'Man Eater' are written about, I am very sorry to announce that this thought did a big face-first kersplat when I caught 5 minutes of this whiny show 'The Mother/Daughter Experiment'. The trite, cry-baby presentation was unnerving, superficial and shallow. My Mom and me didn't always (never) get along but we worked (punched) it out. That's what REAL women do Buttercup, so suck it up. Really! I was embarrassed watching and those women should be ashamed for presenting an image and a message to the public that can only be interpreted as Women Are Weak (in mind, body and soul!). Geesh, no wonder men prey on women so easily.

Oprah says we should live in the moment and develop an attitude of gratitude (by turning negative thoughts into 'O Magazine' cover story titles, LOL) though I think there should be an attitude of bad-it-tude thrown in for balance and good measure. Women, we can fight back and be like that pet that turned. If you are preparing to become a fierce champion, then take up the torch and don't back down! Stand your ground in defense of yourself! Think JLo in 'Enough': When enough women send a message that we may be carrying a BIG stick, men will start to understand that what might seem to be there for the taking is in reality a TRAP.

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