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When Losing Equals Winning

Boobs are overrated. Easy to say for someone that has them (Meaning, as a woman. I'm sure a man thinks otherwise.). This may seem like a peculiar way to introduce the After-After photos I promised to deliver at just over 6 months into my transformation journey. However, once again-it is a case-in-point: there is still no such thing as spot reducing! While my trifecta of misery exists no longer, my thighs continue a solo performance so steadfast, I believe I will nickname them my 'Hachi's.' Remember the story of this Akita, who loyally awaited the return of his dead master for 9 years, never leaving the train station where they last saw each other? Well, my thighs have that same sense of allegiance. Still, I am so very excited to share the latest results! First things first-the STATISTICS:

Starting weight/measurements: Current weight/measurements:

154 lbs. 132 lbs. This is accurate.

Chest-39 1/2" Chest-36 1/2" (-3")

Right arm-12 3/4" Right arm-10 1/4" (-2 1/2")

Left arm-12 7/8" Left arm-10 7/16" (-2 3/16")

Waist-32" Waist-27" (-5")

Hips-39 3/4" Hips-34 3/4" (-5")

Right thigh-23 3/4" Right thigh-20 3/4" (-3")

Right calf-14 1/8" Right calf-13 7/16" (-7/16")

Left thigh-23 1/2" Left thigh-20 1/4" (-3 1/4")

Left calf-14 1/4" Left calf-13 3/8" (-7/8")

Total lbs. lost: 22

Total inches lost: 24 3/4"

I also would like to say that the diet part has become easier, in part due to just staying the course and breaking old habits, as well as embracing how healthy I feel inside by eliminating crap food.

And now, for the After-After photos. Thought I'd start with a comparison of 2 shots taken 20 years ago, almost to the exact month, at 36 years old and the current ones, taken on my 56th birthday!

June 1996 at Walt Disney World Sports Complex

April 22, 2016 LA Fitness Fort Lauderdale

Below, June 1996 Lake Mable, Florida

Below, April 22, 2016 LA Fitness Fort Lauderdale

Not quite identical poses but so glad to have photos to compare a 20-year difference. And now, some of my faves from 4/22/2016!

This one I like because it is soft and feminine, with my quad muscles just starting to peek out in a nice relaxed pose. I am aware of the fat that still needs to be whittled away at the upper thigh, both inner and outer, as well as the area at the hips and low abs. And oh my gosh-I wish this were my real hair!

Focused on tricep/upper back and shoulder flex and as such, hips, upper thigh and low abs are slouching. Oh man, are they gonna get their butts kicked in Monday's workout, LOL...

Just want to keep it real. While I am enjoying the progress in my thighs, it is easy to see that when I don't focus on contracting all muscles at the same time, they don't look so impressive! Very hard to do, by the way, and believe it or not, I was already exhausted at this point and dripping with sweat. Over 300 photos were taken and most of them I am too embarrassed to share!

I finally see some calf muscle, hamstrings and side quad and the lateral head of the triceps brachii!

I saved my favorite photo for last:

While I do see the areas that still require a lot of attention (primarily thighs, upper hips), I also see a very symmetrical and balanced physique. I did change up my work-out routine over the last 5 weeks, incorporating new exercises and some I had never done in my life. It was all very thrilling until I cracked my rib and that did put a damper on things as it prevented me from doing some significant chest, back and shoulder moves. It is not 100% yet, though I managed to work around it. In addition, cardio sessions were eliminated, with my focus instead being on increasing the intensity of weight-training by reducing rest time between sets. I also continue to be challenged by lack of sleep, even when I am not doing a trade show with the incredibly long hours. I wish I could say it were due to an exciting lifestyle, jet-setting around to glamorous parties and such, but not only is that not the case, it's not who I am-still just a simple country girl at heart. Will do next set of photos in another month with an expected post date of 5/26/2016 (set your alarms, LOL!) and for that one, I am going to invest in a posing suit. How do you like the artsy-fartsy photo below?

I hope you check back soon for my next blog on adjusting to losing weight and its emotional consequences, as well as what is truly realistic in terms of time for reaching your goals and how to keep your new physique!

*If you have missed the previous Before/After photos, they can be found in the blogs 'FiftyFierce Begins' and 'Think Winning is Hard? Try Losing...'

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