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I'm Still In...

I mention this because I said I would be posting my latest After photos on May 25, 2016 and I didn't! It's only because the location for the shoot was not available and I had to leave for another show. The next shoot will be on June 10, 2016 and I WILL post them on/about June 11, 2016. I promise I didn't cheat-eat, using this as an excuse to give me extra time to get ready for photos. So, I will give a little re-cap for now. Below is a photo from January 1, 2016:

And now, here are 3 photos taken yesterday, May 30, 2016, mid wide-grip chin up:

It looks like I have absolutely no butt though I swear it's alive and well! While the photo from January is not under load, there is an appreciable difference in body composition since the first of the year. I am now being asked on a regular basis how I get my muscles, not just when I'm in the gym, but pretty much everywhere. I laughingly told one woman "I went online and custom ordered them through Sears & Roebuck!" Here's one I hadn't heard before: "Are you a dancer?" I quickly looked around to make sure this lady was talking to me before I said "Gosh-no!" In my mind I was already thinking about how I always wanted to be and still hope to someday take classes. I am clumsy, my rhythm fades in and out and I try to busta move, like Kevin James in 'Hitch'. I'm pretty sure Will Smith would give me the slap, reminding me of where home is, LOL! I thought about how I've danced with danger a time or two, as most of us have. Here in SoFlo, some do this every time they drive I-95, their seemingly favorite place to text, even though it IS ILLEGAL. Still amazes me that people think they have the skills to do this and it's only the other people who can't. I drive behind you and I can tell you that you don't have the ability to text-or even talk on your cell phone-while driving. I wonder how close you will come to causing an accident before you finally get this.

Danger is everywhere, it's a fact of life and we all know this. Our attention is focused only momentarily when we pass an accident, read headlines or listen to the news. Most of us then go right back to business-as-usual without making adjustments to our actions to ensure we don't become one of those statistics. This is most evident in our dietary habits. There's no shortage of information on cause-and-effect of the components that make up processed and fast food in particular, yet 1/3 of the American population will eat at establishments serving these foods at least once a week. Many of these people probably don't text while driving because they understand the high risk involved. Hmmm...too bad we aren't able to practice that kind of intelligent decision-making across the broad spectrum of choices we are faced with daily to live a healthy lifestyle.

I'm still in it. A week from tomorrow I'll be doing the next set of After photos. The only danger I'm facing right now is 'Dimple Danger' and even though I've been extremely pro-active during the last 8 months, the poor decisions I made over the previous 480+ months of living dangerously will most likely be present for the shoot. Learn from my mistakes and think twice before you take the next bite-if your goal is to start traveling the road to better health today.

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