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The Me I Never Met Before

I am so excited to share my latest After photos taken on 6/10/2016-exactly 8 months after deciding to stop going down the road of declining fitness. I feel it's important to share part of my struggle with those of you who have only recently tuned in (WHAT?! You haven't read my entire blog?!). It's interesting that when you get in great shape, people assume you have always been that way and that it's also easy for you. I HAVE NOT always looked great-look at the blog from January 2-Fifty Fierce Begins...' and, I had already been about 2 months into clean eating in those photos. I wish I had done Before pictures when I first started, but after failing miserably at sticking to a healthy diet during the previous 40 + years, I assumed I would just have another failed attempt and wasn't ready to put it out there that I'd had enough and was truly going to succeed 'THIS TIME'. For me, it was about getting healthy in my mind because my binge eating insanity just had to stop. I was losing all belief in my ability to succeed at ANYTHING. My goal was to go an entire year and just not buy any binge food. I have done this only twice in the last 8 months and the amount and type of food I bought was dramatically different than anything I've done in the past. And, how I responded after those binges has been extremely different as well. I was just at a place where I was mentally exhausted by the amount of failed attempts at ridding this from my life and felt that the entire bane of my existence was wrapped up in eating disorder issues. I didn't want to die and see that as the story that passed before my eyes in my last moments alive. So, it hasn't been about looks for me though the change in my looks has amazed me. In the latest photos, I can honestly say I have never been in such phenomenal shape and at 56 yrs. old, I am proud, though also very humble as I have felt humility for too many years. I also know that getting overly confident is never where I will be because I will always feel that it is one day at a time, like a recovering addict, which truly is what I am and forever will be. Most days now are pretty damn good-I've definitely got my 'Fierce' on, LOL, but there are moments when I have to talk myself through the old cravings. I've learned that they have nothing to do with true hunger but it is absolutely true that the longer you stick with new habits, the easier it becomes as they do become the new habits! I cherish being in this new place and the thought of caving in to a craving-which for me is ALWAYS going to turn into an Off-The-Scoreboard-Full-On-Binge-Fest-reminds me that I'd be throwing away all the progress and letting down a lot of people who have started to believe in me and be inspired by what I am doing. Okay, maybe it's only 1 or 2, LOL! Sharing my story, blogging and chronicling it with photos has been an amazing tool and I highly recommend it to others needing that extra incentive. Progress isn't a straight trajectory up, rarely; it is the moving forward and staying the course that lead to success. And so, with that being said, let's start with the statistics, comparing last month's to now:

4/22/2016 6/10/2016

Weight: 132lbs. Weight: 131 1/2 lbs.

Chest: 36 1/2" Chest: 37"

Abs (taken directly over the navel): 29 1/2" Abs: 27"

Right Arm: (over largest part of bicep): 11 1/4" Right Arm: 10 1/2"

Left Arm: 11 1/4" Left Arm: 10 1/2"

Left Thigh (at largest part of thigh): 21 1/4" Left Thigh: 20 1/4"

Right Thigh: 21 1/2" Right Thigh: 20 1/4"

Left Calf: (at largest part of upper calf): 13 1/2" Left Calf: 13 1/4"

Right calf: 13 7/16" Right Calf: 13 1/4"

Hips: 34 3/4" Hips: 34 1/2"

Keep in mind that when I started this journey on 10/08/2015, before I knew I would get this far, I weighed 154 lbs. Statistics from that day:

Chest: 39 1/2"

Abs: 32"

Right Arm: 12 1/4"

Left Arm: 12 1/8"

Left Thigh: 23 1/4"

Right Thigh: 23 3/4"

Right calf: 14 1/8"

Left Calf: 14"

Hips: 39 1/2"

Total inches lost in 8 months: 24 1/4"

Total weight lost: 23 1/2 lbs.

A couple things happened with my measurements since the last go around on 4/22/2016: my thigh and calf measurements are now exactly the same, meaning very symmetrical. Another first since I started doing measurements and very exciting as my physique looks more balanced. The best reason not to pay attention to the scale. I lost only 1/2 lb. (weighed on the doctor's office scale mid-afternoon, after breakfast, lunch and lots of water, not first thing in the morning on an empty stomach). If I truly cared about the results the scale showed (only 1/2 lb. after another 5 1/2 weeks of butt-busting work-outs while not having a single cheat meal, are you kidding?!!), I'd be mightily pissed off! What matters the most to me is sticking to mindful, healthy eating and following my weight training program. I know the rest will come. I have patience. But I can see you there drumming your fingers and tapping your toes-get to the pictures already, Stacey! So alright already! Here are some teasers:

I say 'teasers' because I am going to post an entire gallery of photos from this shoot-just need to wait for them to come back from editing. The lighting will be evened out, the burn on my lower abs (minor oven incident) will be eliminated and where my spray tan is uneven, will try to adjust as well. But, did you notice the shoes? Rhinestones all over the heels and platforms! And the posing suit! I personally applied over 700 Swarovski crystals in various sizes to it! Very time-consuming-so much so that I didn't make it to the back. But you can bet they'll be there for the next shoot in another month! And, yes-I did this already but I cannot resist another comparison from a photo done on 1/01/2016 (below) to the one above from the rear. BIG difference in arms/shoulders/upper back!

I went to a local bodybuilding competition last night in an attempt to determine if competition is something I truly want to do. It's been on my list of things to accomplish since 1980 and though things in the sport have changed A LOT, I have too and maybe this time is the right time for me. I was thinking women's Figure division but the poses are so unflattering! I was attracted to women's Bikini division as well but that rear bent-over pose to me is just, well, obscene. Don't I sound like a prude! It's just too much of a CFM pose and while I'm sure it's the best position to show the glutes, it just feels like it belongs in the bedroom. Or Red Room please, Mr. Fifty Shades of Gray...

I am even more motivated to reach my goal now and while there is still much to be done with this physique, I finally feel like I am close to where I want to be. This is the first time I see this in me-before it was just a dream and I didn't know if I could get there: would my older body respond? It has been months, so take note of this to all who think of giving up because you aren't getting results FAST ENOUGH. Stay the course! Re-evaluate what you're doing, tweak your routine, your diet, your thought process. I haven't had perfect conditions for this transformation-lack of sleep has been my greatest enemy many times. I just have become stubborn, refusing to let any excuse bring me to my knees. That has been so 'Been there, Done that' enough already in my life!

So, next blog will be about food and supplements since I am getting sooooooo many queries on this subject. Thanks for reading and please-post comments below!

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