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And The Winner Is...

While I need a lot of work on my posing, I am very pleased with the progress I am making on transforming my physique since my start date of 10/10/2015. The process of doing photos is not easy for me and in the beginning, I really wanted to chicken out. I felt so awkward and uncomfortable-not a good place to be in your own body. I have to learn how to control my facial expressions as well and in some of the photos, I look down-right laughable! If it weren't for the make-up and wig, I probably wouldn't be willing to share a single one of these photos. Everything becomes more challenging at 56! Good thing I'm up for it because it takes a lot of moxie to keep putting yourself out there as you get older.

I need to pick just one photo to submit as my absolute best representation of current After and I need everyone's help! PLEASE-cast your vote by choosing the number of your favorite and use the comments box below to place your choice. If you click on the photo at the top left in the #1 position, the gallery will open as a slide show and the photos will display in full length. Please note: There are 2 separate galleries so you will have to click on #22 to open the last portion in slide-show format.

I hope to see your vote-really need the support. It's been a long journey and it's not over yet! The next photo shoot will be done as close to July 10, 2016 as possible. I will be changing my diet up in preparation for this, paying more attention to macros and total calorie intake. I've been taking in about 1,800-1,950 Kcalories/day for the last 8 months. Not looking forward to this part!!!

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