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Someday You'll Get It Together...

Procrastination is one of the 7 deadly sins, referred to as SLOTH. What's on your 'Someday' list? If losing weight, getting into awesome shape or eating healthier has been on yours but you still haven't fit it into your life, have you considered that maybe you're not living to your true potential? I'm not talking about the social media life you portray-only showing your best photos, letting everyone know what fancy restaurant you're eating at or the cool things you're buying. Part of why people get so wrapped up in social media is that our lives can be made to appear however we wish them to be when in reality, this snapshot portion is often done as an avoidance maneuver! We can make it look like our lives are more fun, exciting, fulfilling, glamorous and productive than they truly are and that we just don't have time to get to all the things on our list. If you have time to post hourly (or more often), then you DO have time-you're just avoiding whatever is on the Someday list.

The sad statistics show that only 14% of what you post to your social media is actually read but you probably know this (everyone's too busy glamorizing life on their own accounts, LOL). If you have hundreds or thousands of 'friends' and you only get a few Likes or replies to your posts, well-there's your answer. While not everyone is into social media or presents a daily blow-by-blow account of what's going on, just think of how much more productive your day could be if you actually lived it instead of Tweeted it. I am writing this with one particular acquaintance in mind that I've actually never even met, one that writes such lengthy tweets 2, 3 or more times per day, often while driving, with such a sense of importance that I think she fancies herself to be the Queen of England. Seriously, they're like Reader's Digest short stories delivered every 3 hours and I wonder who she thinks has time to read them? Or even cares to? I know all about when/where she gets her mani/pedi/hair done, how often, where she's going to eat, drink or wherever to show it off, who she's going to show it off to, and so on. Not only is this boring, it is potentially dangerous, if you weren't aware that there are stalkers and lots of other bad people thriving on this type of personal information. This woman is in her late 30's as well so it's not as if she can pass this off to being naive.

But, I digress. It is just another interesting part of human behavior that we find time for trite, silly, pointless things to fill our time rather than things that could actually further us mentally, physically and spiritually. And here I am just as guilty. I am so tuned in to the physical that I spend more time in the pursuit of things related to this aspect of my life, though I am truly okay with this. There are lots of things on my Someday list and there always will be. I know I will whittle away at it; some of the things I will absolutely attack. There are those that will fall off the list in time as well, either because they truly are unrealistic or I simply don't have the means to make them happen. Like the Earth house I hope to build, providing me with the capability to live completely off the grid. I hope this one doesn't fall off the list.

I hope that you will find the time for making a healthier lifestyle, no more procrastination, no more "Someday..." To say you don't have time is equivalent to saying that your health doesn't matter. If you have a list of excuses that keep you from making this an important addition to your life, consider the following statements. Maybe they will help you find your motivation mojo.

  • Turn a health-scare into health-care. Even a thin person can have diabetes, high blood pressure, heart disease, osteoporosis, etc. How do you want to spend your retirement? Travel-bound or bed-bound? Decide now-it only gets harder the longer you wait and the action you take today can determine your ability to do something as simple as walk in the future. Our bodies are made for movement and if you don't move it, you will lose it.

  • If you don't see yourself as an athletic person or fear how others will view you if you are completely out of shape, try to get past this. You may be very surprised by the people that are willing to help you-if you just reach out to them-even the very fittest. Please do not be afraid to talk to them and don't keep yourself from pursuing an activity because you're afraid of judgment. We all deal with that and none of us has the right to do it to anyone! You must live your life. Just go for it. There are endless forms of exercise to delve into-just look for one that you enjoy. While I love weights, I've done spin classes, ellipticals, water aerobics, walking, running, cycling, water/snow skiing, motor-cross and wind surfing and they've all had their place at one time or another. I'm just faithful to weights. There's something for you too. Besides, it is extremely empowering to get over your fear of what others may think. People will fall in love with you along the way as well!

  • Turn the negative to positive. Stop doing the "I hate exercise" talk and turn it into positive thoughts about all the good things that you will get from physical activity including the undeniably awesome feeling of endorphins (peptides that activate the body's opiate receptors, causing an analgesic effect-drug dealer not necessary). You don't have to conquer Mt. Everest in your first attempt. Just promise to move today!

  • Become accountable to your goals. Maybe you hire a trainer or pay for classes or enlist a workout partner. If you cancel, you're going to get charged or you're going to get a lot of crap from your buddy. You will be more likely to stick with it.

  • Track your progress. I'm not big on scale weight but once a month is fine. Photos and measurements are better indicators (check the Fierce Resources tab on my site for directions on photos (!guidelines-for-before-photos/)and see Deanna's page for a perfect example of proper photos:!deanna/z3gf7. Cheer her on while you're there!

If these tips don't quite fit your grove and you're the tough-love type, this is just for you:

The one below really hits home for me. Days when I feel low on motivation I do read it and all I need to do is look at a 'Before' starting photo and a latest 'After' photo-this should make it clear why I am such a believer in photos. It's all right there baby!





Accomplishment is always better than procrastination. While playing the game of posting a fabulous social media persona, you lose the one fabulous thing you already possess-LIFE. Take your eyes and fingers off the keyboard, wrap them around this moment that you have right now and use it to discover what you truly can experience-mentally, physically or spiritually.

To deny one’s own experiences is to put a lie into the lips of one’s own life. It is no less than a denial of the soul.” ― Oscar Wilde, De Profundis

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