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Maximize Your Trophy Experience!

A picture is worth a thousand words where a video is worth an infinite amount so welcome to my first VLOG! It's been quite a while since I did an update but I haven't disappeared. In wishing everyone a belated 'Happy New Year!', I wonder how many of you have made the same diet and fitness resolutions for 2018 that were made last year? A new poll states that this year's resolution list-topper is NOT the pursuit of a healthier diet and fitter physique: It's to become a better person. While a healthier diet and fitter physique may be part of what you feel will make you a better person, the road to accomplishing any goal is still pretty much the same and when followed properly, will increase your rate of success dramatically. Here is the link to a post filled with helpful advice for effective goal-setting:

Part of the equation that is often over-looked when it comes to sticking to your goals is your personality type. Apparently, there are a few basic traits that are general to the fitness crowd and will determine how successful you'll be at reaching your goals. I don't really think these traits apply just to the gym; the saying 'Wherever you go, there you are' reminds us that we are who we are regardless of the setting. That can always be improved upon with diligence, determination and an action plan and perhaps seeing yourself in one of the following categories will help you know where to start:

The Thinker: You tend towards perfectionism and while this is a lofty ideal, anything shy of this leaves you feeling frustrated and at risk of chucking your plan(s). Don't over-think things! Learn to be more spontaneous while understanding that for the Thinker, being flexible is a bigger part of what you accomplish than you my be willing to accept. Strive for positivity in your outlook while allowing room for flexibility.

The Feeler: Your mood rules your life! If you are all over the place with your feelings, your gym track record most likely reflects this. How many challenges do you start that you actually finish? Try smaller steps with gradual increases in complexity. Build up a good base of small successes and you'll dramatically increase your ability to overcome mood swings.

The Provider: Your workouts tend to be sporadic. You take care of everyone and everything else first. You must understand that taking care of your health is vital if you want to continue to be a good provider to those you care for. Start with just 3 days a week where you set aside 30 minutes for yourself. A focused attitude and good plan can take you far in those 30 minutes. If this seems unrealistic for you, ask if you are playing the martyr or feel that your identity is wrapped up in doing for others. If you feel resentment on a regular basis, you may feel that those you care for don't truly value and appreciate what you do. If this is the case, you need those 30-minute work outs to start NOW.

The Social Butterfly: Your goal is just to be seen in the gym, take selfies in the gym, chat to anyone and everyone in the gym, and then post it all to social media. Realize that you are a POSER and just irritating those in the gym that really want to train. When you sit on one machine for 20 minutes posting to, and reading social media, you are preventing others from using your chair. I mean, from using the leg press. Do us all a favor and just go to more clubs and parties - come back to the gym when you're ready to be serious.

Speaking of serious, I have my own category of gym attitude and as you can tell from the video above, I'm no-nonsense most of the time but also tend to poke a lot of fun at training. This 'train intense and focused' gets me through every workout though is usually followed with a desire to make jokes and simply take life in stride. This works well for balance but hasn't been too good for my competition bikini as that is on my 'Joke' list right now. Joke as in 'How did I ever get into that?!' Two years of being intensely focused is how, and 4 1/2 months of not being intensely focused took me back up to 147 lbs. (15 lbs. over competition weight). I feel good, healthy and happy and while there have been many things that have distracted me from the gym, I have still made my workouts and stayed strong. I do hope to compete again in July 2018 and now that I have taken a little break from the regimen of training 6 days a week and journaling every single thing I put in my mouth, I'm ready to walk that road again.

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