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Explore  Inspire  Connect  Share–A website dedicated to women over 50, from all walks of life, who want to connect with other like-minded women for motivation and support in a non-judgmental atmosphere, interested in maintaining or increasing their fitness during menopause and beyond. While the focus is on women in the age fifty+ group, we welcome women of all ages. is about building a community where we inspire, share and inform on topics from health, fitness and diet to a range of other issues facing women 50+, in a negativity-free zone. I invite you to join, comment on the articles, share your transformation story or voice your thoughts! It's about helping each other become the best we can be-let's get going girls!


Throughout my life, I've been pretty tough and never really feared much. Then menopause came along, delivering a mega-dose of bitch slap, like women don't already have enough to deal with in life-we, the poor 'weaker' sex! But, I actually did start to feel weaker, as though I considered the physiological message menopause was delivering and reacted to it as if it were waging complete and utter nuclear holocaust on my body! Which is to say, I almost decided to roll over and take it. I have been passionate about fitness for almost 40 years and was suddenly starting to think that maybe it was time for me to readjust what I thought was possible for the future of my fitness routine. I thought that perhaps what I wanted to accomplish in my mind would no longer be possible in a middle-aged, menopausal condition. I started to get a little sloppy in my diet (ALWAYS read as: a seemingly good excuse to eat high-carb junk food!), approach my workouts with less than 100% focus and not be too concerned if I missed a workout. Or two. Or three. See how these things get started?!  But as I let all this take over me, I realized I was losing my champion mentality and that was NOT acceptable.


More than anything in life, I love a good challenge and the challenge I love the most is the one I place in front of me. There is no one I hate to let down more than me. Why? If we are going to be really honest with ourselves-and I don't know of honesty on a deeper level-then there is no standard to achieve higher than the one we set for ourselves and only we know intimately how close we come to achieving our goals. In my quest to reclaim my inner champion, I invite all women who wish to participate in joining me. Maybe you have yet to discover your own inner champion and would like to become the best version of yourself that you can be. Or maybe you have already achieved championship status (me so jealous!) and have been walking-the-walk; we want to hear from you!  While this begins initially as a place to discuss and share our physical journey, the physical is closely associated to the mental and all topics are welcomed. Complete honesty is encouraged and as such, this is a judgment-free zone where we strive to empower and support each other.  Let’s laugh together, cry together, inspire each other, and most of all-be our absolute best together.


And what is the best that we can be? When I became motivated to find out what that means for me, I started searching the internet for examples of ordinary women (as in not models, athletes or celebrities) in their mid-fifties striving to become the best physical self they have ever been. When my searching proved to be less than fruitful, I took this as a sign that maybe I should become one to help inspire other women finding themselves in similar positions. In my blog section, I chronicle my journey with a comedic, yet brutally honest slant, complete with Before and After photos, while also aiming to inspire and motivate. I will continue to post photos regularly so you can see the results of different supplements, workouts, skin care products, and most importantly-a healthy diet. I hope you'll take my hand when you feel ready to change your life and health for the better-just don't wait too long and DON'T chicken out. Champions, remember?


One in seven women will turn 50 this year and will likely live to be 100. How do you want that life to look for you? When I asked myself this question, I found I had trouble defining an answer because it requires owning a mid-life condition, if condition is the right way to put it. On one hand, aging is inevitable and surely the most logical and sane approach is acceptance. But there's that pesky other hand, which I can see out of the corner of my eye is flipping the bird, a big HUGE, no-holds-barred-kind-of-bird, to Father Time.  So, how to back that bird up?


If you look at how age is portrayed in the media, you'll find that it isn't. Unless you actually listen to the commercials that sell denture grip, adult diapers, Life Alert-I hope you're getting the idea.  Which is to say that we are expected to pretty much fall apart, while leaking, along the way! Where are the positive images and role models?  Do you have it in you to lead the way? If so, then I appeal to you and say, "Get your Fierce on!" 



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